Sponsorship programmes

Being part of the Artium of Alava Foundation means you are associated with a high-quality art, culture and social project of strategic importance for Vitoria-Gasteiz, Alava and the Basque Country.

In addition to the commitment of being an active agent in promoting culture and strengthening its bonds with the social fabric of Alava and the Basque Country, those who participate in the Foundation also obtain benefits in their institutional, corporate or personal relationship with the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basque Country, as well as from a tax perspective.*

Companies, business foundations and professional associations, among others, wanting to form an enduring relationship with the Foundation and participate in the social and cultural development goals of Artium Museoa have four different options available to them. All of them offer interesting benefits and participating organisations can also obtain tax breaks.

At Artium Museoa, we view the relationship between the Foundation and its sponsors as a mutually beneficial arrangement. These participation formulas are a starting point. Please give us a call on 945 20 90 23 and we will inform you personally and find some common ground that suits both your interests and those of the Artium Foundation.

Private Patron 

Benefactor Company

Collaborating Entity

Honorary Friend


Agreements with other entities:

*The Artium of Alava Foundation is registered in the Basque Country’s Register of Foundations under the registration number F-98. C.I.F.: G-01315530.

*The activities carried out by the Artium of Alava Foundation have been declared a priority, in application of article 29 of the Provincial Regulation 16/2004, of 12 July, on the Tax Regime for Non-Profit Organisations and Tax Incentives for Patronage. The tax benefits for corporate members may be as high as 46% of their contribution depending on each individual case.

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