AMA 00. Zeru bat, hamaika bide

Technical Sheet: Soft cover publication (15 x 23 cm), 232 pages. Double edition: Basque-Spanish, and English-Spanish

Price: 20 €

Year of publication: 2021

ISSN: 2697-0546

Number 00 of AMA magazine. AMA stands for Artium / Museoa / Aldizkaria (Artium / Museum / Magazine).

Authors: Ricardo Iriarte, Miren Jaio, Garazi Ansa, Erlea Maneros Zabala, Leire Vergara, Pablo La Parra-Pérez, Daniel Llaría, Laura Vallés

The Editorial Board of AMA met for the first time at the Museum Of Contemporary Art of the Basque Country, Artium, in September 2019. The aim of the first meeting was to set out the editorial lines, which the museum had hoped would relate in some way to the exhibition project Zeru bat, hamaika bide. Artistic Practices in the Basque Country in the Period 1977-2002, a comprehensive rehung of the collection of the museum.

Editorial Board: Ana Arregi, Thomas Boutoux, Yaiza Hernández, Beatriz Herráez, Lola Hinojosa, Miren Jaio, Ismael Manterola, Elena Roseras.

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