Patricia Dauder. Unform

From: Friday, 26 April 2024

To: Sunday, 29 September 2024

Place: A1 Gallery

The exhibition Unform, dedicated to the work of Patricia Dauder (Barcelona, 1973), brings together sculptures, drawings, installations and films that, as a whole, explore the artist’s interest in tracking affective moments that often leave almost unnoticeable traces. The exhibition also demonstrates her focus on the passage of time through the use of techniques such as accumulation and erasure. In this way, often using found objects, Dauder’s works evoke the potential stories enclosed in objects and spaces of which only tracks and traces remain.

Equally relevant in her practice are the protocols she activates when it comes to constructing her pieces: subjecting them to a variety of temperatures and humidity conditions, allowing light to shine on them, enabling oxidation processes that alter their surfaces, cutting, stripping or piercing them, baking and burning materials or keeping them buried for specific periods of time. An approach that strains the limits of the materials employed in the works (papers, fabrics, clays, waxes, plasters...), which in turn refers to the techniques of an archaeologist and the processes of reversing the effects caused by atmospheric conditions and the passing of time. As the text produced in the context of this exhibition states, “the artist establishes times and mechanics, watching over, rectifying – in short – undergoing a slow, unpredictable ritual [...] we know that behind each work there is a previous invisible yet active biological life.”

Hers is a reflection that explores the experience of time, perception, representation and memory, issues that are also crucial in the construction of her films, audiovisual documents that require an active stance from the viewer. Unform includes Insulana (2021), based on a volcanic eruption recorded in the Azores between 1957 and 1958, and March 5th 1979 (2011), which refers to a luminous phenomenon that was recorded in the skies over the Canary Islands on 5 March 1979.

Unform is curated by Catalina Lozano.

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