Ibon Aranberri. Entresaka

From: Friday, 26 April 2024

To: Sunday, 29 September 2024

Place: A3 Gallery

The Entresaka exhibition dedicated to Ibon Aranberri offers a captivating journey through the artist’s works spanning from the 1990s to today. Presented in collaboration with MNCARS, this exhibition builds upon the success of the initial Vista Parcial showcase, now hosted at the Artium Museoa.

At its core, Entresaka showcases a series of Aranberri’s iconic pieces, reflecting his deep fascination with the processes of landscape formation and how it is shaped by human intervention. A nuanced exploration of references and gestures through sideways looks at the remnants and contours of something that resists easy definition, Aranberri’s art invites viewers to contemplate the ever-evolving landscape. Many of the works on display delve into the notion of landscape as a construct of modernity, one that leads to the contemplation on the impact of large-scale macro-projects. Additionally, Aranberri’s exploration extends to the material and conceptual legacy of early industrialization, offering insights into its traces on contemporary society.

In deliberate contrast to the statism of the retrospective, the artist embraces strategies of repetition and fragmentation in his projects. His works are essays of an open nature, capable of mutating in response to varying contexts and perspectives. This dynamic approach is exemplified in Entresaka, where Aranberri’s art transcends the confines of a traditional exhibition space – rather than being confined to specific galleries, the pieces are integrated into various rooms throughout the museum, including those dedicated to the presentation of the collection of which his works form part.

As visitors navigate through the exhibition, they encounter works whose dimensions unfold and retract, creating a temporal leap that displaces and reactivates the materials in their adaptation to yet another mediating apparatus: the museum. This interaction prompts viewers to reconsider their relationship with both the artworks and the institutional framework.

[Photo: S/T (Barrutik kanpora), 2019. Ibon Aranberri. Video still. Courtesy of the artist]


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