Naomi Rincón Gallardo. Soneto de alimañas. Z Gallery

[Naomi Rincón Gallardo. Photograph by Masha Godovannaya] [Naomi Rincón Gallardo. Photograph by Masha Godovannaya]

From: Friday, 06 October 2023

To: Sunday, 07 January 2024

Place: Sala Z

In her work, Naomi Rincón Gallardo (Raleigh, 1979) returns to and updates – or in the artist’s own words “bastardizes” – ancestral Mesoamerican myths to address the present-day realities of Mexico, ravaged as they are by extractivism and neocolonial violence, as well as to speculate about other possible futures outside the imaginaries constructed by the paradigms of Western progress.

Rincón Gallardo sets out from research in which decolonial feminism, cuir theory and science fiction breathe life into narratives that disrupt the binary logics of modern colonial capitalist thought. Her videos rely materially and affectively on collaborating with a diversity of people to create a DIY aesthetic fed by traditional festivities and feminist protests.

Soneto de alimañas (Sonnet of Vermin, 2022) depicts a group of underground, marginal characters who conspire to celebrate “delirious entangled re-existences” amidst a world subjected to the logics of exploitation. It generates a solidarity of rejected beings who communicate across airwaves and defend their existence and the potential driven by their otherness in order to resist violence and dispossession.

This exhibition is organised with the collaboration of MONDRAGON.

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The Z Gallery is a space that explores new ways of associating film with art. It is neither a film season in a cinema nor a typical exhibition. It is a project that constructs a third space in the museum from which to visualise and analyse works by artists approaching the cinematographic field and filmmakers exploring the exhibition format. It is a programme that was created to think about the moving image in the museum, introducing authors seeking new narrative forms by questioning the conventions, genres and categorisations that have historically defined cinematographic language.

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