The Rapture of Iván Zulueta

From: Friday, 14 October 2022

To: Sunday, 05 March 2023

This exhibition deals with the figure and work of the Basque filmmaker Iván Zulueta (San Sebastian, 1943-2009).


“How long could you keep staring at this picture card? Years, centuries, all morning, impossible to know, you were in full flight, ecstasy, suspended in full pause, enraptured”.
Arrebato, 1979

 This exhibition explores the universe that he created through his ceaseless experimentation with images based on a selection of titles from his filmography, his work as a graphic artist, a number of interviews with people with whom he was associated, and even memorabilia.

Zulueta explored the limits of film by using methods akin to painting and drawing in order to consider images, decipher their enigma and delve into their ability to abduct viewers. Cinema was therefore for him a pause in ordinary life, a space, a medium for dreaming and thinking. “Pausing is the Achilles heel, the vanishing point, our only chance,” says one of his characters. Moreover, cinema per se, which like any passion can even devour its sufferer, was one of the major themes of his short filmography. In this passion, he extended the possibilities of the medium as an instrument for artificially capturing a moment or an experience, to the point of literally disembowelling cinema frame by frame.

He developed his experimental creative process by intensely interacting with artistic or musical movements, such as pop, glam and punk. In fact, Zulueta was at the same time one of the first ambassadors of these British movements and a leading figure in developing so-called “underground culture” or “counterculture” in San Sebastian and Madrid during the 1960s and 1970s. A counterculture that has been defined as “that indecipherable force capable of creating an alternative future that never occurred” and whose very idea concluded in the 1980s with AIDS and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Curator: Xabier Arakistain
In collaboration with Filmoteca Española 

Brochure (pdf)

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