Ahotsari eman / Pulsar la voz. Komisario Berriak 2021

From: Friday, 10 December 2021

To: Sunday, 16 January 2022

The exhibition project Ahotsari eman/Pulsar la voz (Press Voice) deals with contemporary artistic practices whose main focus of interest has been sound, and specifically the human voice.

The exhibition presents a series of sound pieces selected with the idea that visitors can move from sound in relation to image, later passing through the conjugation of sound and textuality, to gradually move towards listening to sound as a unique material.

The works are mostly from the past decade, although the selection begins with a historical piece by the artist Gary Hill, Mediations (Excerpt from a Remake of Soundings) (1979-1986), a video in which the interaction between voice, image of the loudspeaker reproducing it and sand gradually covering it enables the artist to visualise voice and the alterations it undergoes in the process. Another historical recording is one that reproduces the voice of the poet Alfred Tennyson, made in 1890.
Also represented in the exhibition are, among others, Jörg Piringer, Aurora Minguez Garai, Rik Rue, Federico Valdez, Ana Estrada Zuñiga and Paula Mera. Pulsar la voz also includes experimental contributions in various fields by creators from the Basque Country, such as Maite Arroitajauregui, Ixiar Rozas, Eneritz Arzallus, Xabier Erkizia, Maialen Lujanbio or the Gargara collective (Ibon RG and Miguel A. García).

A series of display cases contain documents related to the research conducted for the project alongside some additional sound pieces that can be heard through the glass, as well as references to the sound actions of Adán Hernández, Ibon RG and Pía Sommer at the opening of the exhibition.

Ahotsari eman/Pulsar la voz is the project selected by Artium Museum in the 2021 call for proposals by Komisario Berriak, presented by Natalia Isla Sarratea and Aitor Bengoetxea Odriozola. Komisario Berriak is a programme promoted by the Department of Culture and Linguistic Normalisation of the Basque Government, with the participation of Artium Museum, Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao) and Tabakalera International Centre for Contemporary Culture (San Sebastian). Its aim is to develop curatorial practice and promote the creation and consolidation of new professionals.

Curators: Natalia Isla Sarratea and Aitor Bengoetxea Odriozola

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