Teachers' training

No matter what subject or subjects you are teaching, no matter the age of your students, Artium offers you the chance to use contemporary art as an attractive and effective educational resource.

All the school programs are free.

Training sessions

Brief educational sessions about the main exhibitions of the Museum’s art programme. These encounters consist of a guided tour followed by a group activity in which we will provide you with a series of basic tools on the key concepts of the exhibition you have just visited. In this way, you will be able to integrate these ideas into your school curriculum.

You can participate by filling out the following registration form.


Art Through English

A 30-hour professional development seminar to be held on Tuesdays, comprising 2-hour sessions from 3-5pm, in collaboration with the Gasteiz Berritzegune.

Sessions will be both practical and theoretical.

All participants will work closely together by providing ideas on how to design teaching units and develop materials in English, and all these will be tested throughout the seminar sessions before putting them into practice with students.

The Museum is an ally of teachers.


School programmes

Artium’s school programmes are designed not only for students, but also for you so that you can discover new and interesting ideas to implement in your teaching practice.

You can participate with your class in the following programmes:

  • Off Artium
  • The treasure tour-workshop
  • Gasteiztxo
  • Guided tour
  • Discovery tour
  • Connections
  • From Plaza de los Fueros to Artium
  • Tour-workshop Look, think and make
  • Guided tour Introduction to contemporary art
  • Art, philosohy…and life

You can get here further information about Artium's scholar, University, professional training and adults’ education programmes.

For further information: Department of Education. Tel.: 945 20 90 11

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