Educational project

The aim of the Education and Cultural Activities Department of Artium Museoa is to bring key aspects of contemporary art closer to the general public. Through a number of different initiatives and by applying the appropriate methodology, our aim is to facilitate the comprehension and enjoyment of an artwork or exhibition, by providing each visitor with a rewarding experience adapted to his/her individual interests and requirements. Contemporary art and culture are sources of knowledge that Artium Museoa places at the disposal of its visitors. 

Educational aspects are ever present both in schools and teacher training programmes and in those programmes designed for the general public: we wish to offer mechanisms so that visitors can assimilate with a critical spirit the events that occur both in their immediate environment and in the rest of the world. It is not necessary to be an expert as everyone can approach art from their own individual experience.

All educational and cultural programmes are the result of observation, research and co-operation. We are sensitive to the changes taking place in the world and for this reason all our programmes are in constant development in order to adapt to the new requirements of the society on which we focus our work.

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