Exploratory notebooks 2017

Exploratory notebooks: 10 questions, 10 enigmas that you will have to solve by your ownor with the help of your friends and family

An enjoyable way to explore, discover and get the most out of contemporary art. For each notebook that you resolve you will receive a reward, which you will be able to pick up at the Artium ticket counter. Good luck and enjoy exploring Artium!

Exploratory notebook #1: Liliana Porter. Dialogues and disobediences

1000 possibilities for selecting 10 enigmas. Liliana Porter’s exhibition, which is so delicate, so profound, with so many details, with so much to see, or to overlook, gives way to a thousand and one exploratory notebooks.

The first of these, entitled just like the first exhibition, includes 10 of these possible enigmas. Will you be able to resolve them? If you are, you will receive a reward:  you will have had a great time, you will have learnt something and you will also take away a souvenir of this experience.


Download Exploratory notebook #1  Liliana Porter. Dialogues and Disobediences exhibition 

Exploratory notebook #2. Art and System (of Art). Artium Collection

This is the second of the exploratory notebooks published in 2017, and on this occasion it focuses on the exhibition of the Artium  Collectión Art, taking you through the galleries, the works on display, the texts written about them by museum directors, artists, curators …while you are only asked to provide 10 responses.

10 responses for 10 questions. An attainable challenge… but we don’t want to deceive you: they’re not easy either!


Dowload Exploratory notebook #2  Art and System (of Art) exhibition 

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